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The Kaladrious Reflection*

The Kaladrious Reflection is a metaphysical science fiction trilogy dealing with one man's task to confront the crimes of past lifetimes: to reunite old friends, reconcile old enemies, and do battle with an ancient evil that once guided them to their destruction.  Read the first chapter.



Book 1: The Kaladrious Reflection

Dispatched to the remote colony world of Kaladrious to rescue a missing diplomat and prevent an interstellar war, Kelly Becker and his team of archaeologists discover the remains of a murdered woman, dead some two thousand years.  The crime scene is aboard the Telunium Ceti, a derelict space station in orbit around Kaladrious since the Great Rebellion.  There was only a small caretaker crew posted on the Ceti at the time of the womanís death and little evidence to suggest that the Rebellion had touched this place.  There is no explanation for the booby traps concealed in the space stationís dark, empty corridors; or the trail of footprints in the ancient fire suppressant residue; or the disturbing familiarity that Kelly and his companions feel about the scene.

When Kelly and his crew arrive on the surface of the planet, they find the mystery deepen.  The Galactic Alliance of Planets, the corrupt governmental body in power before the Great Rebellion, still exists here.  Having been cut off from the galactic community for two millennia has preserved the ancient organization as pristinely as an artifact in a prehistoric tomb.  Here, too, they discover Mason Lafeyette, head of the diplomatic envoy sent to renew ties with the colony. 

Inexplicably losing contact with their mother ship, Kelly and his colleagues begin their uneasy stay with Mason and the colonists.  When one of their team members is killed, Kelly and his crew flee the colony on foot.  There, in the tree-choked wilderness known as the Bel Mythra, Kelly learns about the true origin of the human race.

Apparently, when humans were just starting to evolve on Earth, fragments of an energy force from another dimension began projecting into human bodies to experiment with life on the physical plane.  This process was supposed to be quick and enlightening for these fledgling souls, but very rapidly these inexperienced beings grew fat and self-indulgent, trapping themselves in their human bodies and becoming subject to the Law of Cause and Effect, or Reflection. 

Their ultimate downfall had been to follow the counsel of the Durbla, a vile demon whose treachery would force them to reincarnate through successive lifetimes back to the energy force from which they originated.

Kaladrious, Kelly learns, was created in ancient times for highly evolved entities to spend their last physical lifetimes in harmony and acquiescence with one another before moving on to the next stage of spiritual evolution.  Now, countless ages later, the Durbla is finding power to rise anew.  Soon, it is up to Kelly to his companions and help prevent a similar catastrophe from befalling the people of Kaladrious.

Book 2: Remembering Kaladrious

Remembering Kaladrious resumes the story of Kelly and his crew and their quest to stop the ancient demon from rising again on the colony world of Kaladrious.  By now Kelly begins recovering memories belonging to Dreggor Shyde, a space station technician assigned to the Telunium Ceti during the time period when the female crewmember was murdered.  Kelly realizes that he and his team have all been on Kaladrious before, faced with a threat parallel to the one that confronts them now.  Can they overcome their combined Reflective destiny and succeed where they previously failed?  The future of their own souls balances on the edge, torn between the cycle of endless rebirth or a path that will set them all free.

Book 3: The Kaladrious Reunion

In this third and final installment, Kelly and his team realize that not only were they present during the early stages of life on Earth, when spirit fragments became trapped in human form; so, too, were they responsible for allying with the Durbla to make it happen.  At last, their shared Reflective ties become apparent:  Undo an ancient crime before a new set of uninitiated souls suffer a similar fate as their own.



*Note:  The Kaladrious Reflection trilogy has not yet been published.






























































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